Swiss film premiere in Geneva of ‘Otto Neururer – Ténèbres pleines d’espérance’ for the first time with French subtitles!

After almost two years of interruption caused by the Coronavirus, finally a cinema evening was back, and what a cinema evening it was! Intercultural… very touching… with a great discussion with the audience… a welcoming finale in the foyer of the Cinemas du Grütli in Geneva… the magic called cinema is back!

Very special thanks to the Austrian Society of Geneva and its partners for the great organisation of the event! And to the Austrian Cultural Forums in Bern, Brussels and Paris and to the Austrian Ministry for supporting the production of the French subtitles…

In the foyer…
Austrian Ambassador Dr. Maria Rotheiser Scotti with director Hermann Weiskopf
Master Ottfried Fischer on the big screen
In front of the Cinemas du Grütli in Geneva…
Margot Leboyer and Dr. Brigitte Lüth from the Austrian Geneva Society with director Hermann Weiskopf