The AVG-Filmproduktion: to make films about the past for a better present and future.

“You are not to blame for the past, you only bear the responsibility for the future”. This was the answer that Holocaust survivor Max Mannheimer (died in September 2016) gave to a person in the audience, who apologized to him for what he had suffered during the Nazi regime.

Responsibility for the future. To ensure that the past is not forgotten. We, the AVG Produktion, strongly share the conviction that history must be documented and preserved, in order to draw lessons from it and to make sure that the horrible events that took place during the Third Reich will never repeat themselves.

As filmmakers, we are committed to making movies and documentaries about history, particularly about our very own past, the history of Austria and the Tyrol. But we do not stop there. After all, National Socialism is a universal topic, which doesn’t know any boundaries.