May 2009 in Israel

In May 2009 AVG Produktion went to Israel to visit living witnesses Erika Schwarz (nèe Erika Shomrony) born 1918 , Abi Bauer born 1919 and Avram Gafni (born Erich Weinreb in 1928 ) of the Innsbruck pogrom and the years preceding it. We were able preserve on film the memories of their youth and childhood in Innsbruck.

They all fled as victims of the Nazi regime in 1938 , forced to leave their beloved homeland in dramatic circumstances and escaped the Nazi machinery of destruction. However, many of their closest relatives such as parents, siblings and grandparents were not so fortunate.

Despite these terrible experiences, Erika Schwarz, Abi Bauer and Avram Gafni have a great love in their hearts for Innsbruck. There are no words of hatred or rage as they talk about what happened. On the contrary, with tears in their eyes they tell before the camera, how much it hurt to leave loved ones and their beloved home town of Innsbruck.

While interviewing Mr. Abi Bauer and Mr Avram Gafni with Mrs Erika Schwarz, we felt we were experiencing the school of life. Once again we would like to express our warm and sincere thanks to them for this!