About us

Our films as a means to not forget about the past – thanks to many artists and a lot of creativity!

It is widely known that producing a movie or documentary equals working together. In our case with a very clear objective: we want to remember the past to create a better future for all of us…

And in doing so we cannot help but thank the many artists, among them composer Bernhard Falkner, cameramen Jesse Kent and Yosi Leon or costume designer Gwen Mc Gurik, just to randomly name a few, for their priceless contribution. And what to say about our marvellous eyewitnesses and the many actors and actresses who work with us such as Ottfried Fischer or Christine Mayn?

Their invaluable contribution and their ability to constantly surprise and engage us is the heart and soul of the AVG Filmproduktion.

Hermann Weiskopf, professor Bert Krämer and his students, Kirsten Ossoinig and Dr. Peter Mair at the national premiere of “Shattered Night – Zersplitterte Nacht” in Cagliari, Italy

Hermann Weiskopf – director and producer Hermann Weiskopf works tirelessly to find those true, incredible and touching life stories for future productions, which are worth to be told to a broader public. While always remaining attached to his Tyrolean roots he looks at these stories in a global context with one objective: preserving them for future generations.

Hermann Weiskopf has worked as an actor for many years, appearing in around 45 movies, before discovering his passion for production and film directing. He worked as Executive Producer and developed several documentaries, corporate videos and TV commercials. His productions have received several awards.

Dr. Peter Mair – scriptwriter As an art historian Dr. Peter Mair is naturally interested in narrative history. In his research, he always goes to the bottom of things and likes to keep an eye on current events. When working on character development, he spares no time and effort to offer the audience a profound insight into the personality of characters. Films and their production – for over 25 years Peter has dedicated his time to this topic.

Dr. Peter Mair studied scriptwriting and screen development at the Mediterranean Film Institute, where he collaborated with renowned movie makers from the US – a highly enriching experience, which was essential for his subsequent work in filmmaking. He has received several awards for his writing.

Kirsten Ossoinig – author and public relations manager As an author, Kirsten Ossoinig participates in the development and writing of the script of every production, putting all her energy in finding the most compelling life-stories to turn into movies.

Living in Munich, she often helps to represent the AVG Filmproduktion on the German market. Kirsten Ossoinig has been working as a journalist and author for over 15 years. For the AVG Produktion she additionally covers the role of public realtions manager. And sometimes, when we ask her nicely, she exceptionally steps in as a photographer, her previous metier, taking pictures of our productions or events.