3 Days in Rome – A True Love Story – From the Tyrol to Israel via the ‘Eternal City’

Film director Hermann Weiskopf, together with the US – Tyrolean camera man, Jesse Kent, visited Erika Shomrony and her son Ilan in Israel to film the interviews that reveal this remarkable and very touching story about the power of love.

The Story:
It is 1947 in Rome. Erika Schwarz, a Jew from Innsbruck, who had survived the Holocaust, meets the Croatian Jew and love of her life, Emil Schwartz-Shomrony, with whom she had fallen deeply in love at the age of seventeen and who she had not seen for almost ten years.
During their long separation they had gone through the horrors of World War ll – the Holocaust and Emil’s incredible four year battle to survive, which had forced him to flee through Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey to finally reach Palestine. Emil had even saved a young Jewish woman by marrying her!
In Rome, Erika and Emil ask themselves whether true love can overcome all these atrocities; the experience of death and fear; all of the suffering and a marriage to another woman. After spending three days together in the ‘Eternal City’, Erika and Emil find the answer to their question and are married by the Mayor of Rome.

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